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Metropolis – digital Urban Infrastructure Management Platform

Active planning, implementation and monitoring of intelligent services in the city

Support for the management of modern cities is the ISO 37120 standard, which introduces order and standardization of concepts within the debate on the definition of a “Smart City”. This standard defines 17 quality of life areas in cities and agglomerations based on 100 clearly defined coefficients.

A solution that supports efficient and modern city management in the context of the above mentioned standard is the Metropolis Platform, which is part of the idea of sustainable urban development:

  • it integrates urban services and technologies into one central system;
  • improves the coordination of the work of municipal services;
  • enables active public participation in the provision and reception of information.

The challenges of the modern city are:

  • increasing number of people migrating to cities, requirements for improving the quality of life of the society;
  • management of growing urban traffic;
  • guaranteed high level of safety;
  • integration of and access to existing public information systems.

Being smart means improving the quality of life from year to year in all seemingly independent areas. The true intelligence of the city is sustainable development in all areas over the years.

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Main solutions:

Metropolis is a platform, which aims to ensure a consistent IT solution supporting the efficiency of the urban space and services management.

ADS.Metropolis Platform ensures:

  • acquisition, integration, analysis and visualization of data concerning the provision of any urban services in the urban space using the following technologies: INTERNET OF THINGS, GIS and BIG DATA,
  • technologies necessary for sharing data with citizens and economic operators (OpenDataAPI) responsibly and safely,
  • automated measurement of key indicators (KPI) of city operation – in line with ISO 37120: 2014,
  • implementation of key urban services:
    • City Card,
    • Public transport,
    • Individual transport,
    • Measurement of environmental quality – air, water, greenery, noise, light,
    • Paid parking zones along with Park&Ride model,
    • Variable message signs,
    • Video monitoring,
    • Lighting,
    • Metropolis Tourist Guide (mobile app).

Data Processing Centers (CPD) – as a part of the solution, we offer designing, construction, modernization, maintenance and development of Data Processing Centers. These Centers are an important element of the IT environment of enterprises and institutions that give priority to the quality of IT services, data safety, performance, scalability and optimization of costs of usage.  Many years of experience allow us to offer services associated with the construction and development of Data Processing Centers, in particular:

  • Adaptation of buildings for the purposes of modern Data Processing Centers
  • Implementation of technologies facilitating continuous increase of performance and efficiency of the IT infrastructure
  • Utilization of hardware and software visualizations in order to optimize the IT infrastructure owned
  • Development and implementation of a Business Continuity Plan
  • Testing of emergency plans for the constructed Data Processing Centers
  • Preparation of operation procedures and training for the client’s personnel
  • Relocation of IT resources
  • Maintenance of IT infrastructure

Cloud computing in the public, private or hybrid model – Cloud Computing is a model for sharing IT resources in the form of finished, pre-configured services. It provides immediate access to the service, dynamic scalability and a flexible model of settlement at a high level of standardization (catalog of services). Available service sharing models:

  • Public cloud – provision of standard IT services (mail, database, application servers) for many recipients via the Internet
  • Private cloud – provision of standard IT services for the inner purposes of an organization
  • Hybrid cloud – a combination of specific services provided within the organization (private cloud) with the computational power available in the public cloud. Types of services offered as a part of the product: (Infrastructure as a Service, (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS).